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The process of making recorded music doesn't stop after the final mix. Oftentimes a beautiful product never reaches its target audience due to the lack of support and guidance in the submission and distribution process. Artists are left with a beautifully crafted single or album that rarely gets heard, and fails to reach their listeners.

Here at Emitha and Crossover Records, we have set out to build an ecosystem of listeners and playlists to help Classical and Crossover musicians have a place to be heard. As artists ourselves, we have personal experience with how underserved artists in these genres are, and have made strides to fix that. Together as a community, we feel we can not only build this ecosystem, but thrive as a genre! 

Our aim is to help our clients achieve genre-specific, algorithmic attention on Spotify, and to be heard by their target audience. Through custom video ads, playlist curation, and genre targeting, we can help your music get heard!   

A once dormant genre on streaming is taking the world by storm! We hope we can work together today!

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