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Best Classical Compendium
Best Contemporary Classical Composition
Best Immersive Audio Album
Best Engineered Album (Classical)

Paola Prestini  composer

Sxip Shirey  composer

Michelle Rofrano  conductor

Elena Araoz  director

Kathleen Chalfant, Eve Gigliotti, Kearstin Piper Brown, Amelia Workman, Jeffrey Zeigler

Executive Producers: Eve Gigliotti & Gillian Riesen

Producer, IA Producer, Editor, Vocal Engineer: Jonathan Estabrooks

Consulting Producer: Cath Brittan

IA & Stereo Mixing Engineer/Mastering: Mark Donahue

Engineer: Chris Benham


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Can you hear your memories?


This is the story of Lali and Beng, a journalist and aid worker held captive. No one knows where they've been taken or if they are alive. Or, maybe their story is being broadcast to the world? 


A story about intimacy, surrender, and the will to live.


Co-composed by Paola Prestini and Sxip Shirey with a libretto by Winter Miller adapted from her original play, No One Is Forgotten is a groundbreaking opera, fully designed to be delivered to its audience in the form of an immersive operatic radio play, an ‘invisible opera’, using cutting edge immersive audio technology.  


Through the soundscape of foley arts, actors, electronics, cello, and classical vocalists, this a world where the audience can experience storytelling purely through sound and their imagination. By creating a work that is delivered directly to you in an intimate and portable format, our goal is to invite you, the audience, to close your eyes and open your imagination, and enter the world of Lali and Beng. 


Inspired by true accounts of the plight of captured and detained journalists and aid workers, No One Is Forgotten originated as a play, described by Cynthia Nixon as “Completely riveting. Harrowing. And funny.” Samantha Bee “Unexpectedly hilarious”, and Gloria Steinam “A real tour de force.”


It has now been adapted into an operatic theatrical experience that promotes the message of strength, hope and love. You will hear a story that is surprisingly funny, moving, and relevant. 

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