Hi there, I'm Gillian.

I am the Founder and Creative Director behind Emitha. I currently live in Buffalo, New York where our base of operations is located. I can usually be found with my laptop in one hand, my 7-month-old son, Roman, in the other and a cup of vanilla tea in...my third hand...?

In 2014 I started my first website design business that catered to musicians, artists and small businesses. Fast forward 47 websites and 4 years later and I bought my first DSLR camera and dove head first into photography, which quickly became a staple of my services.

Today, I have helped over 100 clients, survived 1 pandemic and given birth to one human and one new company - Emitha. 

Meet Us

We specialize in artful media creation, branding and management for artists and creative businesses.

Gillian Riesen


Gillian is passionate about beautiful design and even more beautiful photography. She is the proud mother to the cutest baby boy in the world, has a DMA in Opera Performance and is a huge fan of lame dad jokes, close-up magic and her two cats, Chester and Cookie. When she's not designing or on a shoot, Gillian enjoys cheesy sci-fi movies and eating all the chocolate she can lay her hands on.  

John Riesen


Are you a musician? Then John is your guy. He's a wizard with marketing and ads on Spotify and YouTube, churning out engagement strategies and playlist pitching like no one else. He is also a proud father to the cutest baby boy in the world and is an actively performing tenor in opera and musical theater. John plays baseball in his spare time and is a huge fan of chicken wings. 

Evan Snyder


Evan likes to say that his "lexicon waxes verbose", (whatever that means). A magician with the English language, Evan makes sure that every word on every page of content is beautifully crafted and thoughtful. Outside of the written word, Evan is an award-winning classical composer having written several operas, instrumental works and worked with some of the industry's leading talents. He's truly the smartest guy we know. 


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